Full Name: João André Nogueira Custódio Carriço
Degree: Applied Chemistry, Biotechnology - FCT/UNL
               PhD in Biology:"New perspectives in Microbial Typing"
Email: (replace _at_ by @)
Work phone:+ 351 21 799 94 58 ext 47212
Twitter: @jacarrico

Research Interests

Biology : Population Evolutionary Genetics, Molecular Epidemiology, Microbial Typing methods
Mathematics : Mathematical Modeling of Biological System Dynamics, Univariate/Multivariate Data Analysis
Informatics : , Data Mining, Database Management: Postgresql,MySQL, Linked Data and Semantic Web, Web-Based Interfaces: PHP and HTML/CSS, RESTful webservices.

Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals


Publications in Peer Reviewed Conferences

  1. R. Aires, J. A. Carrico, A. P. Francisco, and S. C. Madeira Baiacu: A tool for the visual analysis of the saccharomyces cerevisiae regulatory network. In Practical Applications of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics, Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing, 93 pp. 49-56. Springer, 2011
  2. A.V. Carreiro, O. Anunciacao, J.A. Carrico, S.C. Madeira. Biclustering-based Classication of Clinical Expression Time Series: A Case Study in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis. In: Proc. of the 5th International Conference on Practical Applications of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (PACBB 2011) - Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing, 93 pp. 229-239. Springer 2011
  3. J. Almeida, J. Tiple, M. Ramirez, J. Melo-Cristino, C. Vaz, A.P. Francisco, J.A.Carrico. An ontology and a REST API for sequence based microbial typing data. Proceedings of Xth Jornadas de Bioinformatica, Malaga, Spain 27-29 October 2010.
  4. A.P.Francisco, M. Bugalho, C. Vaz ,J. Melo-Cristino, M. Ramirez, J.A Carrico goeBURST software: a scalable platform for the data analysis, integration and visualization of sequence based typing methods data. Jornadas de Bioinformática, Lisboa, Portugal, 3-6 Novemer 2009.
  5. Carriço JA, A. Severiano, F.R. Pinto, J. Melo-Cristino, M. Ramirez. - a web-tool for quantitative assessment of classification agreement. Jornadas de Bioinformática 2009, Lisboa, Portugal, 3-6 November 2009.
  6. João Carriço, Francisco Pinto, Mário Ramirez and Jonas Almeida fBURST: Enhancing eBURST with an information-theoretic similarity metric,BKDB2005 -Bioinformatics: Knowledge Discovery in Biology
  7. Tony Solomonides, Mohammed Odeh, Richard McClatchey,Jean-Marie Le Goff, João Carriço,Jonas Almeida.Conceptual Modelling of an Epidemiological Information System, IADIS International Conference e-Society 2003, ISBN:972-98947-0-1


  • PhD Thesis pdf "New Perspectives in Microbial Typing"
    JAC's thesis(16MB)
  • Bionumerics Scripts for partition comparison:Webpage